Do not boast hero

Purposely expose person to warm glow sun and heavy rain or dewy nocturnally was the subject need to be avoided during fishing in the pool, over river or lake more at sea.

Very hot will invite less comfortable and warm glow will dry scalp and person simultaneously throat will dry and thirsty that continued. As good as awake move, angler get find place shelter or use broad hat on the head as people cina wearing it current work in vegetable garden.

Covers the whole body with a soft cloth and can absorb sweat is best move but this should not in familiar, because say body skin we could not survive and it will be skin rashes or marked as ringworm, more dangerous if to let shirt wet that dry on the body.

Is to be hope so very hot and avoidable heavy rain but drinking water hot cold and not let empty stomach because worry about stomach to catch cold. If if this happen you will face deep nastiest a-state as the treatment unlike ashore, yet whatever state if disease this unabated best move was took the victim return

Remember one occasion quote from story a friend angle from Kahang Keluang Johor, exposed to warm glow long sun an angler fall and faint unconscious and finally die during the journey return to the jetty.

From this event can be made a lesson that we no should disclose person to warm glow sun or heavy rain assumed to assist segarkan body but suspicion that could not give accurate promise, hence our best move not commit matter that can commit we to evil.

Do not make very hot and heavy rain as game or purposely to attract notice friends angle that akulah champion but in fact action so something trap person as a person stupidest.

Sometimes rule less convinced but become, not even less who did not become although convince. God more powerful than all power create Nya hence to Nya that to we request on good way.