Way hunt grouper at the beach

Grouper staying size beach it less than 2 kilo except the area airnya in.

Hence, hook suitable is dependent number 8 to number 10.
Although grouper 500 grams can swallow number hook 5/0,
but caused geography factor, you suggested use small hook.

Branch line appropriate is among 20 to 40 pound according to size main line which are used.
Perambut 40 pound are considered large to tie number eye 10.

Fishing grouper in area of rock not require perambut long because too long it easy to hang to coral.
Fittest distance or two span that from bob. Technique fishing grouper usually in area of rock.

Pendulum also defeated to distance throwing want make. If bait hurled at close range, use small bob just to drown bait to the bottom.

If intend make far throwing, large pendulum required to reduce especially obstruction wind.

For writer, more enjoyable to use hook without bob in side area stone. Dead bait slice afford sink to the bottom if that location his current weak. Risk got caught to also little stone if using this technique.

Slice bait a kind of sea-fish and octopus best to attract beach grouper because grouper not choose bait. Anything stay bait in front it sure pounce. Apart from life prawn, fish slice, one can use crabmeat or sands crab, snail or any content shell those found on the beach rocky beach.