Lobster-Bait smelling faster give revenue

Lobster classify as omnivorous animal viz species practically eat all kinds she being met. To facilitate detect faster prawn we need use bait 'smelly'. In clear area of water under and highly cautious prawn induce except we fishing night time or deep hollow dominate lobster.

Quick and usual prawn bait bound prawn is perumpun - nest type, mangrove, beach and palm. Earthworm either become hysterical or ordinary type. Crayfish child or dead / living rice prawn, scallop, cockle content, ala ala - use part that the harsh. Fish content slice fine lengthwise according to size hook. Lobster content - cut according to size hook. Market prawn no matter what sort, dead or living drain fry both of them can. Other choice - heart / chicken liver but only suitable to hook in the pool.

Bait size fitted to bait a hook please do not too big because of this would delay prawn process to swallow eye. Cut or slice bait let matching with the size hook which are used. Hook size prawn and type depend to the nature rod.

Fishing no lobster particular season either in the area upstream and interior including mine, lake and pond. However dry season (no prior rain) is best time fishing lobster. Other than that easier night time stalk lobster over day because environmental area clear water and lobster seldom go out wander daytime to avoid pounce predator. Need to be reminded if location visited far from development area as upstream interior for instance, security measure must take attention as nocturnal too many dangers. If less secure state beginning advise better needlessly fishing in area involved.

Supply season river mouth lobster present after several fine day that rain stopped. Ordinarily water rain will come out to the sea through river took with all lobster. Currently lobster will roam in the area estuary who then water it bargain. Lobster will move upstream again upstream when river mouth back brackish or salty. In short prawn season is during the year except at the mouth only after rainy season or when river mouth water it bargain.

Perambut his habit's lobster is use catgut 6 pound to 12 pound. This will do heavily one myself prawn. Strength 12 pound can accommodate and lift maximum burden 5.5 kilo already too big to lobster river that average 50 grams to 500 grams. Long perambut as good as it 15 centimetre or about finger distance adult. Catgut type let that soft so lobster not so 'consider' burden when chew bait. Many prawn hook type and size follow place, field type angle and prawn size.